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Are you facing a traffic violation and the consequences that come with it such as loss of license and penalties? We can help.

Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket.

We immediately think about having to share this with those close to you and what they will say, the costs of time and money, and potentially the loss of the right to drive.

The instinct is to try to get rid of the problem as fast as possible, however, you shouldn’t rush into admitting guilt and you should be able to fight for your rights, not waive them.

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Why You Should Hire a Traffic Attorney

You should always contest a traffic ticket. It gives you more control over the legal process, often leads to a better outcome than admitting guilt, and gives you the leverage to fight for your rights in court. You have the right to question those accusing you of the violation. Don’t just accept the fine or sentence being handed to you – this can sometimes have severe consequences for insurance or even loss of CDL licenses for those who need to drive for work.

To fight your traffic citation, you will need an experienced Dixon Law Firm attorney that is better equipped to handle court proceedings on your behalf. Your lawyer will know the laws and regulations and can work on reducing your liabilities.

What to Expect Working with Dixon Law Firm Traffic Ticket Attorneys.

We understand bad things can happen to good people. We will build a thorough case that takes into account your history and the evidence against you to find grounds for dismissal, reduction of fines, penalties, or other consequences that can arise from the infraction.

Some of the many traffic offenses we help our clients with:

  • Speeding
  • Minor Traffic Infractions
  • Reckless driving
  • Underage Driving
  • DWI / DUI
  • Hit and Run
  • Suspended licenses
  • Loss of CDL/Commercial Licenses
  • DMV Appeals

Take control of this situation and get peace of mind through our professional experience to see your matter through on your behalf.

Traffic Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go to jail for a traffic violation?

It depends on the type of infraction you are being charged with such as misdemeanor, felony, or a simple moving violation. Also, if you fail to appear or have a Dixon Law Firm appear on your behalf, then a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest.

How much do traffic tickets cost?

The real answer is it depends on the outcome of your case. It could just be your legal fees and the cost of court to multiple thousands of dollars and loss of driving privileges. This is why you need an experienced traffic attorney on your side.

What happens if I don’t pay my traffic ticket?

There are several consequences for not addressing your legal situation. Here are a few to consider that should persuade you to take care of the matter through our law firm:

  • FTA or Failure to appear in court can lead to the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest.
  • Your license can be suspended and leaves you exposed to facing an additional charge if pulled over by a cop again.
  • Insurance premiums may increase.
  • You may not be able to renew your driver’s license, again exposing you to more legal liabilities.

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