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Whether you are buying or selling a home, we will be with you through every step of the closing process to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Currently, under North Carolina law, only a licensed attorney can perform real estate closings. The process of buying or selling a house can be complex. There are many things happening at once, lots of different parties involved, and typically very large amounts of money at stake.

Between contract negotiations, financing, inspections, and repairs, the entire process is exhausting! The title to the property must be thoroughly examined for any outstanding liens or other matters, transferred from the seller to the buyer at closing, and all parties to the transaction must be paid.

It is vital to have an attorney perform these functions to ensure that they are done correctly and in compliance with current law and best practice standards.

What to Expect Working with Dixon Law Firm Real Estate Attorneys.

We have worked diligently since the new federal compliance standards were updated in 2015 to streamline our closing process, and to make your experience with our firm as pleasant and efficient as possible. When we receive a call from you, we will guide you through our client portal to obtain all of the information necessary to perform your closing.

A title search will be performed on the property and we will order title insurance for the closing. Along the way, we will guide you through any recommended inspections or answer any questions you may have. Working with your realtor, lender, and the other parties, we will collect all of the invoices to be paid at closing, obtain the payoffs for any liens on the property, schedule your closing and provide you with all of the information you will need for a successful and happy closing day.

Dixon Law Firm is approved by all major title underwriters in North Carolina to assist you with your residential or commercial real estate needs. Call us at 252-541-3100.

How much does a real estate closing cost at Dixon Law Firm?

Loan or Cash
Purchase Closing

Purchase Closing

Full Title Search – 30+ years Full Lien Search Tax Proration and analysis Escrow of Funds Preparation of Settlement Statement Closing and Settlement Title Update Prior to Recording Recording of Deed Recording of Deed of Trust (loan closing only) Overnights to Lender (loan closing only) Disbursement of funds to all parties Final Title policy Electronic File storage
$250/Seller Documents $150/Contract Preparation

Basic Package

North Carolina General Warranty Deed OR North Carolina Special Warranty Deed Seller Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 Owner Affidavits 1099-S Statement NCLTA Affidavits


Refinance/Line of Credit

Full Title Search – 30+ years Full Lien Search Tax Proration and analysis Escrow of Funds Preparation of Closing Disclosure Closing and Review of Loan Documents Title Update Prior to Recording Recording of Deed of Trust Overnights to Lender (as applicable) Disbursement of funds to all parties Final Title policy Electronic File storage

How long does it take to do a real estate closing?

Once we receive your contract, we can typically perform a title search in 7-10 days. If there is a problem with the title, we will let you know as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays. After the title work is complete and we have received all of the invoices to be paid out at closing, we can prepare the settlement statement or closing disclosure.

We will then coordinate your closing date with the lender. The entire process typically takes 2-4 weeks for a cash closing, and 3-6 weeks for a loan closing, depending on a number of factors. If you have a question about your specific closing, please give us a call and we can give you a more specific estimate.

There are also many things you can do to help speed up the process, and we would be delighted to talk with you and let you know how to make the process go smoothly and quickly.

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